Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

< We had a crazy Easter weekend. I worked on Saturday till 1:30, I ran to the dollar store to get some things for Easter Sunday and I had Jay go to the grocery store for me to get the things I needed for Lunch on Sunday. I rushed through the dollar store and got to my in-laws house at 2:30 and we all jumped in the car to head to see the McDougals in Charleston, SC for Our Nieces' 1st birthday party.
We got to Charleston around 5 hung out with the family ate dinner and had a little birthday party. We spent the night then left early Sunday morning so that we could all be at our own churches for Easter. We were only 5 minutes late for church... (Which is pretty normal even when we are not traveling ;)

This was our first Easter as a married couple. It was fun starting our OWN traditions and going to OUR Church for Easter. We had a great Resurrection Sunday. After church we got home and I started lunch. Jay's parents came over and we had a great relaxing afternoon. Jay and I took a nap from 3-6. Then decided to go down to the pond and go fishing. Of course I caught nothing, and he caught about a 1.5lb bass. Oh well. It was a nice evening to be outside anyway. Then we stayed up till 1 Watching NCIS and working on a puzzle(thats another blog for another day)

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

Not pictured: Croissant Rolls and Ribs :)

And what I'm most Proud of.....
No, This is not my kitchen after we had eaten and cleaned up....
This is my kitchen after I had cooked everything, and before we had eaten!

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our savior!
Hallelujah He Is Risen!

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  1. You sure didn't learn "the clean kitchen" from your mom. It is always my goal, but never seem to reach that goal. Oh, well. At least the food was good. I think?